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Cheryl Harvey

Owner & Farmer, Harvey Farms

Cheryl always knew she wanted to farm. Growing up on the family farm in Illinois, there was always work to be done and she was ready to help.

She began her career in the agriculture industry at a local grain elevator until she worked her way to owning and operating her own farm with the support of her husband Mike in 2008. And, she’s been doing what she loves ever since!

Her Advice to Women in Agriculture:
“I think women can go anywhere their desires or passions lead them.”

Letter to her Daughter

As a mom, Cheryl strives to raise her daughter with the strength and courage to overcome life’s difficult moments.

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Newark, IL

Located less than two hours from the big city of Chicago, Cheryl and her family have their roots planted in the quaint town of Newark, IL. The country life offers Harvey Farms a view you can see for miles and plenty of space for growth. Harvey Farms currently farms 720 acres.

Our Process

1. Getting Started

Before planting, it’s important to inspect and service all the equipment being used in the planting process. Once complete, it’s time to fertilize and prepare the field for planting.

2. Let's Plant

It’s mid-May and it’s time to plant. The prep work has been complete and now the soil has to be at the perfect temperature to ensure proper growth. It’ll take around 108 days for the popcorn to grow to maturity.

3. Crop Inspection

After the popcorn is in the ground and throughout the entire growing process, it’s time to weekly inspect and scout the crop for weeds, insects and disease.

4. Time to Harvest

The 108 days have passed and after doing another inspection and service of equipment, it’s harvesting time once the popcorn is at the optimum moisture level.

5. Dry It Out

Once the popcorn is harvested it goes into bin storage throughout the winter until early spring. The popcorn comes out of the ground at a certain moisture level and the bin storage allows the popcorn to dry before coming to us at Simply7.

6. Let’s Get Poppin'!

We’re ready to start producing the popcorn! The popcorn is transported to our facility in Houston, TX and we begin making the simply delicious flavors for you to enjoy!

“You can do whatever you want to do.
Whatever you have a passion for, whatever you have the knowledge for, the opportunity should be for everyone.”

Cheryl Harvey